Become a service provider

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How does it work?

Why to be a Service Provider Here?


  How will I receive my payment?

We do arrange requests for appointment at our online service. We do not collect paymenet from customers( or patients).

You will receive your full paymnt for the service from customers once they visit you. Our fee will be billed later.

  How to know if my services got booking or request for appointment?

You will receive notifications for the orders or requests of your services via sms and email at the mobile number and email address registered at the system. (Check your Dashboard > My Profile, to know the registered mobile number and email address) 

You can check also the Dashboard > All Requests and to follow up requests of your services.

  How do I update or extend my availability?

Contact our team to set the required publish period.

  How do I upload services and offers?

Contact our team to do it for you or assist you. Alternatively, to do it by your own, you can follow below steps:

• Click Become Provider link at the top of the home page (or bottom link: Work with us)

• Fill the information and click sign up. 

• Wait to get admin confirmation

• After confirmation, login to your account. Ensure to complete information such your company brief, logo/image, location, then click Save Changes

• From the side menu, select Manage Services, then click Add Service (side menu or button) to start adding services

• You listings will be reviewed and published.