How to request an appointment at


How to book and get the offer

·        You can book the services and pay later at the service provider

·        You can pay by cash or card at the time you get the service

·        If you have insurance, depending on insurance coverage, you can show insurance to the facility staff

·        After placing request for appointment, you can communicate with the service provider


Create an account

·        Register your data (name, mobile, email)

·        You will receive an SMS to confirm the phone number

·        You can start booking services and offers


Search and choose the service you want


Choose the date and the time you want

·        Choose the date and the time you want (wait for confirmation from the service provider before going to the appointment)

·        Choose the branch if there is more than one branch

·        Choose additional services, if any


Review the information and submit the request

·        You can add a note in the “Special requirements” field

·        Submit the application and wait for confirmation from the service provider

·        You will receive notifications of booking status via email and text messages


Connect via chat

·        Communicate via chat with the service provider

·        Log in to the user panel and then go to the Booking History

·        From the Booking History list, press the “message“ button to chat with the service provider


Get the service

·        To get the service at the offer price

·        Ensure to mention at the service provider

·        Display the booking ID to service provider reception or concerned staff

·        The booking ID is found in the SMS and email notifications, as well as on Booking History list in the user panel of the site or application


Rate, Comment, Share

·        Help others to choose the best services, provide your rating

·        Share the services you think that useful to your friends and loved ones

·        Contact us for any issue or suggestion .. We would like to hear from you ..